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Dolpopa's Song of Auspiciousness in Translation

We are happy to make a new translation of a song of auspiciousness by Dolpopa available to download and share.

Shangpa Sites on Tibet Map

The Shangpa Kagyu tradition has had close historical connections with the Jonang since the sixteenth century.

Revised Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash 2014

The road to Mount Kailash in western Tibet is officially closed during the period of our regularly scheduled Jonang Foundation pilgrimage for the Saga Dawa Horse Year Festival. 

Translation of Chod Texts by Taranatha

Translator Sarah Harding has graciously made available two translations of Tarantha's writings on Chod practice. 

These new translations into English are now available to download as PDFs from the Jonang Foundation online library, 

2014 Horse Year Festival at Mt. Kailash

We are happy to announce that the Jonang Foundation 2014 pilgrimage to Tibet will be for the Wood Horse Year Festival at Mount Kailash, June 3rd to 24th. 

Kalachakra Pilgrimage to Mongolia with Vesna Wallace

We are delighted to offer this educational program to Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Mongolia with Professor Vesna Wallace, a leading scholar on Mongolian Buddhism and the Kalachakra tradition. 
July 15 - July 27, 2014 (13 Days)

Jonang Khenpo Nangwa Rinpoche in Switzerland

Khenpo Choekyi Nangwa Rinpoche from Jonang Shimla Monastery in India will be teaching and giving a series of empowerments in Switzerland from Feb. 27 to March 05, 2014.

Jonang Kalachakra Teachings in Italy

Khenpo Choekyi Nangwa Rinpoche from Jonang Shimla Monastery in India will be teaching on the Jonang Kalachakra practices, and perform an abbreviated Kalachakra initiation along with a Vajravega authorization ritual, at Northern Shambhala Kalachakra Temple in Italy from February 14 to 23, 2014.

New Texts and Catalog of the Dolpopa Collection

An annotated listing of each Tibetan title in the 2011 edition of Dolpopa's Collected Writings is attached below, including a list of the thirteen titles that are not included in either of the Dzamthang editions.

Shambhala Sun Auctions Pilgrimage to Kailash

A spot on the Jonang Foundation Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash for the 2014  Horse Year Festival during Saga Dawa may be bid on and bought during the Shambhala Sun Foundation's annual online auction.