Jonang Thangkas

Jonang Foundation's collection of thangkas for purchase represent the major deities and lineage figures of the Jonang tradition. Each thangka in our collection was selected and digitally reprinted from the greater corpus of Jonang lineage art, and is being made available here.

Thangkas are 3 ft. high x 2 ft. wide acrylic prints with a maroon, gold, and deep blue border. The Jonang Foundation insignia and title is printed in Tibetan, English, and Chinese along the bottom. Each thangka is delivered with a custom-fit box for protection.

Jonang Kalachakra Deity

Depicting the Kalachakra Tantra or "Wheel or Time Continuum," this thangka displays the Kalachakra deity in its resplendent multi-arm form. Jonang lineage masters including Dolpopa and Taranatha reside above while core deities of the tantra surround the central Kalachakra. Protector Dorshig (dor shig) stands at the bottom center.

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Dolpopa with Fourteen Disciples

This thangka illustrates Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen with his 14 major dharma heirs. The Kalachakra deity in male-female union is located directly above Dolpopa's crown along with an assortment of Indian panditas and yogis, including the Kashmiri master Padmasambhava. Dolpopa's 14 disciples surround him on both sides. Protector Palden Gur (dpal ldan gur) stands at the bottom center.

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Taranatha with Previous Lives

Surrounded by his former manifestations, this thangka details master Taranatha's multiple lives. Above his crown is the Kalachakra deity in intimate embrace while his births as Indian mahasiddhas and tantric adepts as well as Tibetan scholars and yogis hover around him. Protector Dragshed (drag shed) stands at the bottom center.

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