Pilgrimage Program

Jonang Foundation pilgrimages are customized educational travel programs designed to explore sacred spaces and pilgrimage sites throughout Buddhist Vajrayana culture. Each pilgrimage program is an immersion into Buddhist life with lectures and discussions conducted onsite by specialists in small groups. Special attention is given to the study of Buddhist art, philosophy and history, and time in contemplative practice settings. 

In 2016, we are running a small pilgrimage program to eastern Tibet:



Meditation Communities in Eastern Tibet

Pilgrimage to Kham and Amdo
July 17 – July 31, 2016
[15 Days]


Join us on pilgrimage this summer to Buddhist meditation practice communities nestled in the far eastern Tibetan terrains of Kham and Amdo. With experienced expert guides, we will explore these thriving monastic communities ⎯ particularly Jonang and Nyingma monasteries, nunneries and encampments ⎯  while roaming some of wildest and most beautiful regions on the Tibetan plateau.
Led by Michael R. Sheehy, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Executive Director at Jonang Foundation and Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. Michael is a specialist in Tibetan philosophy and literature, he studied for several years in a Buddhist monastery in the Golok region of eastern Tibet, and has led group pilgrimage programs throughout Tibet since 2004.
See the pilgrimage itinerary, cost and details on the Meditation Communities in Eastern Tibet page.
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Travel in Tibet

We at Jonang Foundation host this pilgrimage to both give you an opportunity to visit and explore the deeply ingrained Buddhist culture on the Tibetan plateau as well as to support Tibetans in Tibet. We work directly with local Tibetan-owned businesses that employ Tibetans. We are ecologically conscious to leave minimal traces of our own pilgrim footprints on the land. Proceeds raised from this pilgrimage are allocated to education and cultural preservation projects that we facilitate on-the-ground in Tibet. This pilgrimage gives back directly to Tibetan communities.


Educational Program

Jonang Foundation Piligrimages take you through the ages and across the boundaries of cultural imagination to encounter sacred sites of living spiritual traditions throughout the Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhist world. We design each program to be an educational exploration of living Buddhist culture. By supplying both the highest quality accommodation and transportation, as well as expert leaders and local guides, these pilgrimages are a life-enriching experience.
Meditation sessions, pilgrimage rituals, personal exploratory time, optional hikes as well as regular lectures and discussions at monasteries and cultural sites on Buddhist philosophy and culture are integral to the journey. 


Enrollment Process

The enrollment process consists of these 4 steps:

  1. Send an inquiry email to info@jonangfoundation.org along with a completed Registration Form. Write, "PILGRIMAGE 2015" in the subject line. You will be contacted by the pilgrimage leader or a foundation representative who can answer any questions that you may have. 
  2. Setup an appointment to talk with the pilgrimage leader on Skype or the phone. 
  3. Pay the $1000 nonrefundable enrollment downpayment to reserve a spot on the program. This fee will be credited towards your total amount due.
  4. Receive the invite and join the email forum exclusive for the pilgrilmage group. This forum will be moderated by your pilgrimage leader and serve as the platform via which to pose questions, communicate with your fellow pilgrims, distribute relevant information, and discuss logistics in preparation for the pilgrilmage.


Contact Information

For all queries about the pilgrimage, please contact us at info@jonangfoundation.org with the word "PILGRIMAGE" in the subject line.