Appeal for Support

"Every Drop Helps"

Dear Friends of Jonang Foundation:

Thought to have been lost to the modern world, the Jonang Buddhist tradition has survived in the far eastern cultural domain of Tibet. The Jonangpa have lived for centuries within the isolated valleys of Dzamthang, Golok, Gyarong, and Ngawa and are now emerging to the world beyond Tibet for the first time in history.

For more than 700 years, the Jonangpa have sustained their own unique heritage of the arts, literature, philosophy, and meditation. Today, however, this little-known spiritual tradition is in danger of perishing.

We at Jonang Foundation work with the living Jonang tradition in order to help facilitate the preservation, education, translation, documentation, and revivification of this distinct Buddhist heritage. More specifically, we are hosting four major projects in Tibet that your financial support can help make possible:

Tibet Primary School is a project that provides children in eastern Tibet with both secular and monastic education. A schoolhouse that will care for and educate more than 250 young nomad children in a remote area of Tibet is now under construction as part of this project.

Art & Literature Collection is enhancing preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the Jonang by digitally conserving rare and previously unpublished texts and artwork.

Portraits of the Living Jonangpa is a series documenting the historical and contemporary sites of the Jonangpa as well as the major lineage masters of the zhentong and Kalachakra traditions. This series is now beginning to appear in our online database.

Ngedon Thartuk Translation Initiative is translating seminal Jonang Tibetan texts into western languages in order to provide readers with the historical, philosophical, and contemplative understandings found within Jonang Tibetan Buddhist literature.

As a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, our work at Jonang Foundation relies upon the generous contributions made by private benefactors. In fact, your regular gifts create the financial basis for Jonang Foundation and enable us to provide our long-term services.

Please support our work by making a secure online credit card donation on our support page or by sending a check payable to "Jonang Foundation" to:

    Jonang Foundation

    182 Howard Street #206

    San Francisco, CA 94105

By becoming a benefactor of Jonang Foundation, you will be directly contributing to the preservation and revitalization of one of our world's most treasured wisdom traditions.

Like rain falling from the sky, every drop helps to fill this ocean!

Sincerely yours,

Michael R. Sheehy, Ph.D.

JF's Founder & Executive Director

***Both targeted and unrestricted gifts are appreciated. All contributions made are tax-deductible within the United States [EIN #: 20-275-4884].

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