Swe Nunnery

bswe dgon btsun ma'i ri khrod
Alternative Name(s): 

Nunnery of Swe Monastery, bswe dgon e vam cog sgar btsun ma'i gling

Site Type: 
Site Location: 
Operating Status: 
Current Tradition: 
Former Tradition: 
Date Established: 
Unknown at present
Current Residents: 
60 nuns
History and Description: 

Swe Nunnery was originally established as a mountain retreat above the hills behind Swe Monastery. It was officially designated as a nunnery under the patronage and governance of Swe Monastery 16 years ago. Currently, it is the only active Jonang nunnery in Amdo.

32° 52' 38.0388" N, 101° 44' 32.5896" E